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Know exactly what to change on your website, down to each tag, and have it rank higher.

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Far easier to use than Google Analytics

Google Analytics feels like a Mount Everest of data. Rankshaper shows you just what you need, right away.

Increase your rankings with 100% certainty

Because Rankshaper helps you see what matters — and focus on the basics — you will be ranking better in no time.

Your productivity is on your hands

Big players pay their way into front page results. We democratize search rankings: it is now up to you!

Simpler is better when it comes to analytics.

Long gone are the days that the all powerful Google simplified our lives. Sure it manages a vast amount of information well, but does it point the way? Unfortunately not, and this is where Rankshaper excels at.

Better than Google Analytics

Large or small, Rankshaper ultra minimalistic approach to ranking web pages works for anyone.
Have you ever wondered if by just changing a few words in your website, it woud shoot up its popularity? Identify what matters.
New ranking opportunities daily. Rankshaper taps into Google's Webmaster Tools to extract new creative uses of keywords — daily.

Of customers are satisfied with our professional support
Of customers are satisfied with our professional support
Of customers are satisfied with our professional support

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Access all of Rankshaper's features with this option. This is best for companies with many webpage and regular blogging acctivity.

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If you have a large team, this is the Rankshaper plan for you. Best for teams of 10 or more.

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$140per month

Contact us for special enterprise pricing.

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