Know exactly which keywords to add, so you rank better on Google.

Identify new ranking opportunities and gain access to niche markets. Add the search terms your visitors are using to find you and discover new terms and new combinations, while tracking performance.

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Google Analytics

Too technical and complex, steep learning curve, hard to navigate around:  hard to get results as a professional or as a business.


Real-time interaction with web pages with a recommendation engine telling you exactly where improvements should be made: results.

Far easier to use than Google Analytics

Google Analytics has a mountain of data, but no means to climb it. Rankshaper’s streamlined content editing process shows you what changes you need to make to stay relevant.

Reports show you the way to 200% improvements

A Rankshaper report details the improvements that — if implemented — are likely to improve a page’s rankings. It includes queries and their formatting and placement, a new opportunities section, and even backlinks.

Your productivity is on your hands

Big companies buy ad space i.e., pay their way to the top. Rankshaper helps you to get there on your own two feet.

Simpler is better when it comes to analytics.

Long gone are the days that the all powerful Google simplified our lives. Sure it manages a vast amount of information well, but does it point the way? Unfortunately not, and this is where Rankshaper excels at.

Taking control of your rankings

Large or small, Rankshaper ultra minimalistic approach to ranking web pages works for anyone.

New ranking opportunities daily

Rankshaper taps into Google's Webmaster Tools to extract new creative uses of keywords — daily.

How We Can Help CMOs reach their targets.

Help your team find audiences.

Instead of having to sift through a system that seems to require certification to master, know exactly what needs to be done every time.

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Knowing about — and improving upon —  external links to your property is essential to SEO success. Rankshaper lists and sorts all links per property and per page.


We identify what keywords are being used by those landing on your website, and tell you where to put them so you get real optimization and real results.

New ranking opportunities

New opportunities for keywords that you rank for but have no focused content yet.

Discovery tool

Find out what keywords you are missing in your content. Increase your rankings by 200%. Increase your CTR.

New blogs, startups, small businesses.


1 user, 1 website



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Established online and offline businesses


3 users, 10 sites



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For large content aggregators


Unlimited users, unlimited websites



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Who are we?

We are experienced online publishers and creative content creators. We created a tool that helped us improve our workflow and results: identify new content opportunities, and know immediately which keywords to include in our content. Thanks to our tool we have seen our revenues, CTR, and keywords that we rank for go up with 200%. We can now share this tool with you.

What exactly is Rankshaper?

Rankshaper is Google Analytics, simplified. It takes the information one finds there directly from Google Webmaster and manages to accurately identify what each page currently needs in order to rank higher, down to every query and keyword. It also tells you what pages are performing better as a result of these changes.

How does Rankshaper work?

Once you get an account with Rankshaper, the system asks you to connect with your Google webmaster account. After that, it temporarily keeps a live connection open allowing it to offer ranking suggestions.

Who is Rankshaper for?

Rankshaper is for anyone looking to improve their search rankings organically. It works well for managers of e-commerce websites, content providers of all sizes, startups, and corporations alike.

How is Rankshaper good for me, business owner?

Rankshaper helps you follow a trail. Often, we think an idea will attract a specific type of user or follower. However, it is often the case that the results greatly vary from our expectations. Rankshaper will tell you what trails to pursue so you can get real product-market fit and personalize your content to match your real audience.

What is our best feature?

As a webmaster, web-editor, or content creator, you get direct access to all keywords that you are currently ranking for within your content. You get immediate insight in what keywords to include, and which new content-pages you would like to start setting up.

Real results, no guesswork.

Your online properties in the black. Risk-free. Free trial.