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Simpler business tools, financial efficiency, personal independence.

With the established online businesses becoming more and more like those that claim to be against in the first place — talkers — we are the ones that would like to help you organize the world's information. They can collect it, but the organization part: that is up to you.

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We are a small team of dedicated independent entrepreneurs that have  — over the course of a decade — utilized our own custom tools to rank better on search engines. Now that we refined a tool to a level that it can be a public good, we are happy to continue built an offer that makes all of our lives better.



In a world far, far away, but specifically somewhere in Amsterdam, lives Robin which insists to be addressed by a mononym like Cher or Elvis. He can write, code, think of products, make companies run, even when occasionally wearing green spandex.



Sadly living in Berlin and a *happily* married baby maker. He is looking forward to replacing the late Anthony Bourdain: like the late celebrity chef, Leo likes people only when finely wined and dined.



It is very possible that he is running an experiment on this planet: the accumulation of data on relationships between people but mostly on web pages about financial independence. As soon as he finishes building a transmission array, he will have a customary final meal of vegan veal and complete his mission which is to power said antennae with his body fat and beam himself back home. His final mission has always been to leave no impact.... because you know....entropy is coming in about a trillion years.