About us

High positions with search engines are important for your business. It’s hard to get a good grip on these. What you see in Google Analytics or any other analytics software is just the tip of the iceberg.

Our tool allows you to get a very deep insight into how you can boost rankings with Google – we plug into Google Webmasters Search Analytics. Most of what’s happening on Google’s side is only accessible from Search Analytics – with a clunky interface with which it’s not very clear how to get the right data out of there.

Rankshaper is a tech startup with a focus on search engine optimization (SEO). We have developed an optimization tool that helps us to automate our SEO efforts. Thanks to this tool we rank higher with our websites in search engine results in competitive markets. This allows us to drive our revenue with significant numbers.

We use state of the art technology that enables us to drive traffic coming from search engines with amazing numbers. We make use of the latest available API’s and technology to automate the process of content creation based on opportunities that we let be defined by our own in-house developed algorithm.

We’ve developed the tool ourselves and are using it for various projects. We found out that there was not such a product on the market yet which was actually able to satisfy our professional SEO needs. Most products in the market are pretty simple and are not feature rich enough. We’ve found out that competition is in fact suggesting to use worksheets for something that by now we have automated.

Our product hooks into various API’s of the worlds biggest search providers. This data we use to analyse automatically new opportunities for our websites. These opportunities consists mostly of new content or how to restructure existing content. This new content is directly fed into our Content Management System such as WordPress. All we do is click checkboxes.


Kasper Souren
Leonardo da Silveira
Robin van Stokrom





PR9 is a Dutch project started in 2009 by brothers Kasper and Marijn Souren. Later Robin joined as well with amazing energy. We provide top notch SEO services, mostly for our own projects. We’re very confident to get top rankings and traffic for most any keywords. We’re also building our own SEO tool, to automate our process and way of thinking. This tool may or may not be available to a wider audience at some point.

If you’re thinking of working with us, let us know, we’re happy to hear from you.

Rankshaper SEO Tools

Google PageRank is still being used, just not publicly. Do you want a website with a high PR then make sure you earn your links. How do you earn your links? By using great SEO tools & techniques. This is where Rankshaper comes into play, not only we let you know which SEO tools to use, we also have developed a great SEO tool that helps you identify new opportunities. Experience says it all: using these tools can make your traffic dramatically increase.

How we got here

Kasper built his first website back in 1998, hosted on a Red Hat machine in his student dorm. In 2008 he started working as a freelancer and PR9.nl was started not far after. A website about swimming pool construction was not actually bought by a client and then turned into an AdSense website. This was scaled up times seventy. Big mistake. No focus, low quality. It still worked for a while. Then Robin came in and showed how things were done, including affiliate marketing. From then on we kept a strong focus on focus and on finance.

Websites in various languages


We started off with a range of Dutch websites. Mainly related to teak furniture but we cover a wide range of topics, from predicting the future to swimming pool construction to insurances. Over the years we became a lot more focused on websites related to financial products.


In German we have a strong focus on furniture and finance. You can find a little overview of our German language websites here (in German).


For info about our French language websites you can check this page (in French).


We’ve also worked on websites in other languages, including a multilingual Arabic, Hebrew, English website. There’s also sindinero.net in Spanish, mobiliinteak.it in Italian etc.