The Google Adwords Keyword Tool is one of the most used tools to find keywords. It is also one of the worst. Over the years the results have become less and less precise. Google never intented this tool to be used as an SEO tool to find keywords but as a tool for Adwords, their main advertising platform.

When SEO strategists found out they could also use this tool to find keywords to optimize their content, Google, in the beginning, did not do much against this. Later on they did however make it more difficult to use. For example, one must have active campaigns running in order to use the keywords discovery tool. These days it is not really usable no more as a keyword discovery tool.

There are far better tools out there.
– We recommend Keywordtool.io. For keyword discovery it outperforms all others.
– For discovering new keywords you can rank for, based on your existing content, we recommend our own tool Rankshaper.